BioPhysicsX meeting; 04Jan24; 09:00

Present: P.Burrows, A.Giacca, C.Jamieson, K.Long, I.McN, M.Pokorna, P.Price

Summary of actions

  • KL: Liaise with S.Lions to set up quarterly meetings for calendar 2024.


  1. Notes and actions: All
    • KL: Collect possible final slide drafts
      • Done.
    • KL (CJ): Add pictures to non-Imperial focussed two-pager.
      • Done.
    • KL: Seek meeting with S. Heutz.
      • Done.
    • KL: Solicit next meeting
      • Done.
  1. Discussion of how to set up BioPhysicsX: All
    The discussion was structured around slides circulated in advance of the meeting. Point noted from the discussion:
    • Agreed to work on the basis that BioPhysicsX would be created through adiabatic evolution of CCAP with a target start date of 01Oct24. Likely that a "virtual" institute will be created in the first instance. A physical presence on, e.g., the White City campus could follow. The institute's activities would encompass science, innovation, technology, and education.
    • We discussed what it meant to start the institute. A science programme and a plan to generate resource and academic activity would be required. We agreed:
      • LhARA, and the associated radiobiology/BioPop programme, would be the central vision of the initial research programme. In addition, we would explore the development of automation for in-vivo experiments. This would be done in conjunction with others at White City already engaged in automated sample handling in the biochemistry department.
      • While a business plan will be required, we agreed that a logical initial target would be to start a graduate student programme. Ideally, one or more new hires would create the programme.
    • Resources would be required to create the student and other posts. We discussed mechanisms by which to raise the resource including Imperial Advancement, the CNRS/Imperial IRC, STFC responsive and laboratory routes, and other research councils. A clear need to bring MRC into the activity was noted.
    • We discussed the practical steps required to make the transition CCAP->BioPhysicsX. Sometime before the summer break it would be necessary to write to the Imperial centres of excellence management to explain the transition. This would require socialisation and a business plan.

Further, we agreed:

  • To begin to work "as though BioPhysicsX existed. This implies quarterly meetings of the leadership team (i.e. this team).
    • Action: KL: Liaise with S.Lions to set up quarterly meetings for calendar 2024.

  1. DONM
    • TBD. KL to as SL.
  1. AoB
    • None.

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