Conference contributions 2021

  • May21: 12th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC21), 24-28th May 2021, online, Campinas, Brazil
    • T.S. Dascalu on behalf of the LhARA consortium: "Second Beam Test and Numerical Investigation of the Imperial College Plasma (Gabor) Lens Prototype";
    • H.T. Lau on behalf of the LhARA consortium: "Beam Tracking Simulations for Stage 1 of the Laser-hybrid Accelerator for Radiobiological Applications (LhARA)";
    • W. Shields on behalf of the LhARA consortium: "Simulations of the Stage 2 FFA Injection Line of LhARA for Evaluating Beam Transport Performance";
  • Mar21: Annual Radiotherapy and Oncology meeting 2021 (BIR 2021), 18--19 March 2021, online
    • R. McLauchlan on behalf of the CCAP and the LhARA collaboration: "The Centre for the Clinical Application of Particles (CCAP): An interdisciplinary collaboration transforming personalised, precision particle-beam therapy of the future";

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