LhARA 4-nation PPI Meeting 28th June 2022


  • Actions from last meeting.
    • DONE: Ken will create a Jiscmail mailing list for this group.
    • DONE: Ajit will make a page for meetings.
    • DONE: Ajit will add a section for funding opportunities.
    • DONE: Ajit to sort out wiki access for Charlotte.
    • DONE: Charlotte to investigate IOP outreach funding.
    • Everyone encouraged to make contact with CRUK lead nurses.
      • Charlotte has been in touch with Belfast. Still doing online meetings. Will try to go to the one in Sept.
      • Timescale of Sept to get in contact with lead nurses and Maggie Centres with a view to visiting to get input for the podcasts
      • HH: Cancer Vanguard (Marsden, UCL and Christie) can help with engagement. HH to find contact.
      • GJ: Should think about audience and engaging with patients. e.g. recent press release on treating glioblastomas with chemo and radiobiology.
        • AK: can include some of these points in the first podcasts.
        • CW: The scope for LhARA is very big. Need to ensure we get a consistent message across.
      • GJ: Maggies have groups that focus on a particular type of cancer. Should try to align with this.
  • IOP scheme.
    • AK: Is the deadline 1st July?
      • CP: Will check the date. There is an information session at 2pm today.
    • CP: Need to align the application with the Limitless campaign.
      • AK: Need to have a plan how to engage with diverse audiences.
      • CP: This can be done by choosing who to interview and the audiences.
      • KG: CRUK has diverse audience lists and we can tap into those audiences.
      • HH: Another resource is the CRUK newsletter that can be used.
      • GJ: IOP have had strong priorities to reach out to diverse audiences and have a broad definition of this.
      • CP: Can access audiences not necessarily interested in physics to show how physics can be useful.
    • CP: The key questions are in a Google doc and this can be shared once a full draft is ready.
  • Societal Engagement.
    • AK has looked at the application form. This can be used to put together a set of key points on what LhARA will achieve, how it will do this and when.
    • KG: Add to the application that the application is made with the assistance of patients and the public.
    • CW: Need to feed this back to the collaboration as it may impact the focus of the research.
    • HH: Need to bear in mind the NHIR guidelines for paying for public involvement.
  • Journaling.
    • AK made contact with an academic who runs journaling workshops. This could be developed into an engagement activity.
    • HH: Only certain people would go for this and this would exclude large numbers of people.
      • AK: Only so much can be done to mitigate this.
    • GJ: Maggies Centres already do something similar and they should be the focus of this kind of activity.


  • HH to circulate contact for Cancer Vanguard.
  • CP to circulate first draft of IoP application.
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