ITRF/LhARA Planning Meeting #4

24Mar22; 09:00


  • Notes from 28Feb22 meeting: here


Present: N. Bliss, A. Giacca, K. Long, M. Noro, H. Owen, C. Whyte

We discussed content of LhARA work packages as in the present proposal and the staff effort estimates prepared by NB and HO. Much ground was covered but no concrete agreement reached.

Points noted:

  • MN: noted that information received from UKRI still looked like ITRF/LhARA funds could become available on the September 2022 timescale.
  • HO: Noted that the success in discussion of overheads.
  • HO: Made a number of points on the LhARA proposal including:
    • Route to ions other than hydrogen needs to be better articulated;
    • The case for ion acoustic imaging needs to include the positive case of why valuable for LhARA not just why other techniques are not appropriate;
    • The case that additional funds will be requested in due course needs to be better spelled out.

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