ITRF/LhARA Planning Meeting #3

28Feb22; 16:00


  • Notes from 17Feb22 meeting: here

Agreed at this meeting

OBS for the ITRF activity including LhARA.

Question/action list

  • Governance structure diagram (Hywel/Ken)
  • Who is responsible for CDR production?
  • Contents of CDR - shall we agree them now? Division of ITRF/LhARA?
  • LhARA WP2 shows protons in 5 years and ions after that - how should we manage that?
  • LhARA vertical beamline - will effort be available? How to leverage other expertise
  • LhARA layout - vertical or horizontal beamline orientation?
  • ITRF/LhARA parameters - agree boundaries between WPs and boundaries between conventional and plasma options
  • Deliverables list
  • Review process for design
  • External user meetings - resourcing for this? How do we engage the wider community? ITRF <> LhARA user meeting
  • Roadmap for future funding
  • Documentation, locations and numbering

Agenda (16Feb22, reproduced)

  1. Summary of project dates and bid requirements
  2. Documentation
  3. Status of proposal/planning in LhARA proposal
  4. Profiling of budget – division between academic and STFC work
  5. Work packages discussion
  6. Roadmap to working infrastructure
  7. Detailing the costing
  8. AOB

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