ITRF/LhARA Planning Meeting #1 =

16Feb22; 09:00



Present: NB, AG, KL, HO

Assume funding comes Oct22; implies some time to prepare.


  • Proposed review of LhARA proposal by CCAP IAB be extended to review of LhARA in the framework of the ITRF.
  • WPs:
    • ITRF/LhARA management (includes organisation of, e.g., science case review, siting review, ...)
    • LhARA
    • Evaluation of conventional alternatives (Off-ramps)
  • Joint management if ITRF/LhARA development:
    • Practical first step: HO/NB join LhARA Project Management team and CW joins this group


  1. Summary of project dates and bid requirements
  2. Documentation
  3. Status of proposal/planning in LhARA proposal
  4. Profiling of budget – division between academic and STFC work
  5. Work packages discussion
  6. Roadmap to working infrastructure
  7. Detailing the costing
  8. AOB

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