LhARA fortnightly Meeting 22nd February 2022; 14:00 GMT



  1. Notes of previous meetings and actions
  1. News and updates: KL/AG / All
  1. Laser-driven proton and ion source: Nick Dover
  1. Preparation of LhARA proposal and work package reports:
    • Skeleton and planning: K. Long
      • KL making a proof-reading pass. Now into project management sections of Annex. Work to do but lots of progress.
      • What we've agreed:
        Assume money from UKRI IAC proposal can start 01Oct22; then:
        • Completed text: 08Apr22
        • Circulate to collaboration for comment with 1 week deadline;
        • Finalised document by 22Apr22
        This gives 1 week contingency before collaboration meeting
    • Work package reports:
      1. Project Management: J. Parsons, C. Whyte
      2. Laser-driven source: E. Boella, N. Dover, R. Gray
      3. Ion capture: M. Charlton, W. Bertsche
      4. Dose-deposition profiling: J. Bamber, E. Harris, J. Mattheson
      5. Vertical beam line and biological end station development: R. McLauchlan, T. Price
      6. Accelerator design and integration: N. Bliss, J. Pasternak
  1. Outreach:
    1. Publications:
      • White paper: K. Long
      • LhARA design update: J. Pasternak
      • WWW update: A. Kurup
    2. Conferences:
      • APS: Nick Dover and TS Dascalu have prepared abstract; accepted
      • IOP HEPP: T.S. Dascalu, HT Lau; submitted
      • ICHEP: KL;
      • PTCOG: Not submitted
  1. DoNM :
    • 22Mar22

  1. AoB

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