LhARA fortnightly Meeting 19th July 2022; 14:00 BST



  1. Notes of previous meetings and actions
  1. Getting started, planning etc.: KL/CW
  1. Simulating particle production at the target: E. Boella
  1. Updates on progress by WP: WPMs
    • WP1: J. Parsons, C. Whyte
    • Source: E. Boella, N. Dover, R. Gray
    • Capture: W. Bertsche, C. Baker
    • Ion-acoustic dose profiling: J. Bamber, E. Harris, J. Matheson
    • Novel end-station development: R. McLauchlan, T. Price
    • Design and integration: N. Bliss, J. Pasternak
  1. Outreach:
    1. Publications:
      • White paper: K. Long
        • KL to organise get together with AG and JPar.
      • LhARA design update: J. Pasternak
        • Postpone discussion to September 2022.
      • WWW update: A. Kurup
        • HH commented that AK had produced a document with ideas for the WWW which needed to be cut down. KL will talk to AK when he is back from holiday.
      • 4-nation PPI event: A. Kurup
        • With the support of many members of the LhARA PPI group CP has prepared a proposal to the IoP to promote physics in medicine.
    2. Conferences:
      • ICHEP: KL;
        • Summary in KL slides.
      • PABG: TSD et al
        • TSD has a presentation in the parallel's at this conference (25/26Feb).
  1. DoNM :
    • 02Aug22

  1. AoB

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