LhARA Project Office meeting 06Oct21; 10:00 BST



  1. Adoption of agenda; i.e. points to cover: All
  1. Discussion of management structure that has emerged: All
  1. Revision of schedule for the completion of the proposal: KL/CW; All
    • To include preparation of its independent review.
  1. Dissemination plan ... initial discussion: All
  1. DONM
  1. AoB


KL : SG needs to be a separate entity - not dominated/driven by the Project Office. - All agreed to search for outside influence. AG and KL suggested names.

CW: Some WPs are progressing very well but WP4 and WP5 are behind for good reasons. We need to provide help to them. I am happy with the progress of WP2, WP3 and there is confidence in WP6. We need to recognise where we are and suggest a new timetable that all WPs can follow. New timetable to be circulated later today ahead of LhARA fortnightly meeting on Tuesday 12th.

JP, KL : Dissemination plan - we need to reach out to relevant audiences. To discuss the next moves.

DK: to call/update WP1 meetings fortnightly. To check for LhARA Day meeting. To check for dates for Plenary meeting and circulate new timetable for proposal.

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