LhARA Executive Board 15Jun22; 16:00 GMT

Present: KL, CW, PP, TG, JPar


  1. Notes and actions: All
    • Status of actions:
      • KL contact Leo Cancer Care
        • Done. No response yet.
      • KL initiate creation of "master JeS"
        • Done. STFC internal discussions about how to take this forward underway.
      • KL contact Director PPD and the relevant programme manager in the Programmes Directorate of STFC.
        • Done. Conversation with S. Verth STFC PD next Monday. Conversation with D. Newbold Director STFC PPD pending.
      • KL will organise a meeting with AG, JPar, and YP to find a set of targets for proposals from verious UK funding agencies and the EU.
        • Done. Report below.
      • KL will follow up with Wellcome to ask for a response to our letter of introduction.
        • Stands.
  1. External review of proposal; ToR: All
    • All were happy with the draft ToR. Agreed to continue.

  1. LhARA and the ITRF: alignment progress: All
    • Working Methods document needs to be updated. KL to raise with H.Owen.
    • CW discussed status of definition of programme to be carried out supported by the ITRF resource. Headlines of the discussion:
      • WP1: need to define principle goals, will discuss under item 4 below.
      • WP2: clear plan agreed; maintenance of credible consumable budget is an issue.
      • WP3: discussion cancelled due to illness.
      • WP4: discussion not scheduled yet. Direction of travel clear.
      • WP5: clear plan agreed. Unlikely to be able to do much/any cyclotron work.
      • WP6: discussion not scheduled yet. Tacit agreement about what the programme will be. We noted that we needed to clarify whether there is a confict of interest for N.Bliss given his role as overall ITRF Project Manager.
    • Overleaf; document prepared to define programme (cost, schedule, milestones, risks, etc.).
      • Agreed need to add section to recognised contributions in cash or in kind so that funding for the programme being executed is clearly defined.
    • Also discussed with WPMs (where there were meetings) opportunities for proposals to raise the missing resource.
    • Agreed: Need to get the project meetings more "professionally" organised now. Collaboration meetings need now to be set at least a year in advance. Kick-off meeting in October. Probably then another meeting after 4 months, then a 6-monthly schedule.
    • Agreed: to ask DK to to set start date in Gantt now that the funding announcement has been made.
  1. Raising the resources for the initiative: KL, All
    • See slides, points noted:
      • Key goals for WP1:
        • Support collaboration in making bids with a value of ~£500k onthe timecale of Christmas 2022;
        • Seek to secure and additional £1.5M--£2M into LhARA programme over the Preliminary Activity.
        • In consultation with WP5, agree goals for user, community, and public engagement.
      • We discussed the importance of evaluating the importance of the study of normal tissue response.
  1. DONM
    • 07Jul22
  1. AoB
    • We discussed the outreach activity to be developed following the ITRF announcement and agreed we would:
      • Follow up with Action Radiotherapy;
      • Develop a "press release from the LhARA collaboration"
      • Encorage LhARA institutes to make their own, local, outreach activity to promote the progamme (action TG)
    • For future meeting, discuss:
      • Does LhARA need to establish a charity that can receive money to be used to promote the collaboration's programme;
      • The collaboration agreement.

Summary actions

  • KL Liaise with H.Owen et al over working methods document;
  • KL Liaise with DK and others over collaboration meeting dates;
  • TG Liaise with IB and others to encourage institute-specific outreach activities on the back of the ITRF announcement.

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