LhARA Executive Board 28Aug22; 16:00 BST



  1. Notes and actions: All
    • Status of actions:
    • KL Liaise with H.Owen et al over working methods document;
      • Ongoing.
    • TG Liaise with IB and others to encourage institute-specific outreach activities on the back of the ITRF announcement.
    • KL Continue to coordinate support for M. Lamont and J. Double in the preparation of the review.
      • Ongoing.
  1. Update on external review of proposal; KL, CW

  1. LhARA and the ITRF: alignment and preparations for October start: KL, CW
    • Document naming/storage
  1. Collaboration meeting, Liverpool, 14Oct22
  1. Issues for IB: TG, YP
    • Next meeting scheduled for 14Sep22, but, KL on vacation, can we move it back, or schedule it for after the Collaboration meeting.
  1. DONM
    • Propose, 23Sep22; 16:00 BST
  1. AoB

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