LhARA Executive Board 23Sep22; 10:00 BST

Present: KL, CW, TG


  1. Notes and actions: All
    • Status of actions:
      • KL Liaise with H.Owen et al over working methods document;
        • Stalled. Need to pick this up; or post revisions.
          • Agree to do the "post revision list".
    • TG Liaise with IB and others to encourage institute-specific outreach activities on the back of the ITRF announcement.
      • Stands. Will now get on with it.
        • Circulate latest version, then encourage that they do it.
        • MoU comment on -- one comment from Paul McKenna
        • Letter -- three signatures;
        • Tim will take a second round on both of these things.
    • KL Continue to coordinate support for M. Lamont and J. Double in the preparation of the review.
      • Ongoing. Agenda item.
  1. Update on external review of proposal; KL, CW
    • Positive session on 30Aug22. Expertise that has been assembled biased to accelerator technology. Agreed need to review instrumentation, diagnostics, and end-station specitications. So, agreed to do a "sister review" on timescale of February to April 2023.
    • Reviewers also keen that we prepare documentation on the radiation biology programme, how we seek to develop it, and what our ambitions are for the first measurements at LhARA.

  1. Report on 30Aug22 session of Review and planning for 29/30Sep22 review sessins: KL, AG, JPar, CW
    • Points noted above.
  1. Collaboration meeting, Liverpool, 14Oct22: TG, KL, JPar
    • Room booked, advertising to start.
  1. Institute Board, 04Oct22; 11:00 BST; TG, YP
  1. DONM
    • Propose, 03Oct22; 16:00 BST; then fortnightly
  1. AoB

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