Information sharing page for preparation of Lay Summary of LhARA pre-CDR


Present version of the draft pre-CDR

Pre-publication review of the draft pre-CDR by an international expert panel

Material prepared for or presented at the pre-publication review of the pre-CDR

  • This page also contains links to the reviewers' evaluation. For ease of access the relevant files are linked once more here:
    • Evaluation from the panel
      • Y.Prezado's letter evaluating the radiobiological aspects of the programme based on the draft pre-CDR and the 25th March 2020 review meeting;
      • P.Bolton's evaluation of the programme based on the draft pre-CDR and the material prepared for the review meetings on the 25th and 31st March 2020.

Skeleton publication

Draft 0.0: skeleton of the publication


The LhARA team believes that it is valuable for a lay summary to be included in both the pre-CDR and the publication that is now being prepared based on the draft pre-CDR. The request therefore is that a lay summary be prepared for each.

There is no word/page limit for the Lay Summary to be included in the pre-CDR. For the publication, the journal has a 350 word limit on the article's abstract. We therefore propose a 350-word limit on the lay summary to be included in the publication.

The journal requires that we submit the article by the 30th April 2020, so there is a deadline for the 350-word Lay Summary for the publication. The pre-CDR will be "published" as a CCAP Technical Note and so we are able to re-issue the pre-CDR as required. This makes it possible to consider different timescales for the Lay Summary included in the pre-CDR and that for the publication.

Links to further information

For completeness I include here the link to the wiki page used by the LhARA team to share information in the preparation of the pre-CDR.

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