Pre-publication review of the LhARA pre-CDR

The availability of the reviewers has dictated that the review will take place in two parts. On the 25th March 2020 a review of the radiobiological aspects of the LhARA programme will take place. The review of the source, accelerator, instrumentation, and project aspects will take place on the 31st March 2029.

The terms of reference for the review can be found below.


Paul Bolton; Munich
Mike Lamont; CERN
Yolanda Prezado; Curie Institute, Paris
Francesco Romano; INFN

Reviewers' evaluation of the pre-CDR and the material presented on 25 March 2020 and 31 March 2020


The review will be conducted as a sequence of video conferences as a result of the travel restrictions imposed to combat the spread of Covid-19. purely by video conferencing using Zoom. Connection details can be found below.

Draft document

The updated draft of the LhARA pre-CDR (draft 2.0) can be found here.

[Draft 1.0, released for the review meeting on the 24Mar20 may be found here.]

Y. Prezado's evaluation of LhARA following the review meeting on the 24th March 2020

  1. Prezado's evaluation of the LhARA project may be found here.

Agenda 31st March 2020

12:00—12:30 Reviewers and PIs Clarifications, administrative issues, and organisation
12:30—12:45 All Assemble and contingency
12:45—13:00 K. Long (ICL) Welcome and introduction (PPTX, PDF)
13:00—13:25 J. Parsons(Liverpool) Radiobiological motivation and feedback from Y. Prezado (PPTX, PDF)
13:25—13:45 A. Kurup, pre-CDR PM (ICL) LhARA pre-CDR overview (PPTX, PDF)
13:45—14:05 O. Ettlinger (ICL) Laser driven proton and ion source (PDF)
14:05—14:25 C. Whyte (Strathclyde) Proton and ion capture (PDF)
14:25—14:45 Tea/coffee break
14:45—15:05 J. Pasternak (ICL) Design of the LhARA accelerator facility (PDF)
15:05—15:25 W. Shields (RHUL) Simulation of LhARA (PDF)
15:25—15:45 J. Matheson (STFC RAL, PPD) Instrumentation (PPTX, PDF)
15:45—16:05 J. Hughes (Liverpool) Biological end stations (PPTX, PDF)
16:05—16:25 G. Aymar (STFC RAL, ISIS) Infrastructure considerations (PPTX, PDF)
16:30—17:00 Reviewers Discussion
17:00—17:30 All Feedback and close-out

* Times are to be understood to include 5 minutes for questions.

Agenda 25th March 2020

14:00—14:15 K. Long (ICL) Introduction (PPTX, PDF)
14:15—14:50 J. Parsons (Liverpool) The motivation for LhARA (PPTX, PDF)
14:50—15:10 A. Kurup (ICL) Overview of the LhARA facility (PPTX​,PDF​)
15:10—16:30 All Discussion
16:30—17:00 Y. Prezado (Curie Institute) Conclusions and close-out

* Times are to be understood to include 5 minutes for questions.


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