LhARA Institute Board meeting #5

28th July 2022 13:00 BST


Meeting ID: 621 0959 7655 Passcode: 402636


  1. Introduction: TG, YP

Funding for LhARA within Ion Therapy Research Facility now clear. Foreseen start date 20th September.

  1. Minutes and actions from last meeting: TG, YP

Press statement prepared and circulated. Comments from Jason Parsons (Liverpool) and Jeff Bamber (Inst. of cancer research) incorporated. Suggest release this on 20th Sept. (ITRF kick-off meeting).

  1. Adoption of agenda: All
  1. Report from the co-spokespeople: AG, KL

See Slides.

  1. LhARA MoU: TG, YP

MoU will be circulated for comment. Deadline one week before next IB meeting. Ask that LhARA leads at each of Universities/Institutes sign the MoU by the following IB meeting. This should form the basis of a legally binding Collaboration Agreement signed by LhARA Institutes, in expectation that LhARA will receive significant funding. Timescale for this is around 18 months.

  1. DoNM

4th October 2022, 11:00 (updated).

  1. AoB

The request was made that all institutes complete their JeS forms!

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