16th of September 2021 - Plenary meeting


Introductions of new members: Emma Harris (EH) WP4, Neil Bliss (NB) WP6

  • WP1 - CW explained what we need/proposal outline/costing/risk registry. Presented slides showing WP1 costing as example.
  • WP2 ND presented slides - outlined objectives and milestones.
    Ongoing discussion with potential project partners - Lancaster, Strathclyde, Imperial, CLF (STFC), Scientific computing (STFC), Queens University Belfast, Stanford, Scitech Precision Ltd. There is integration- ongoing discussion with WP3. Cost will be high as there is much staff effort required, a large number of experiments and equipment. [KL- you need to worry about costing the collaboration with the west coast.] [CW- travel costs for overseas? We need to include it] No oversea labs/ but we need to acknowledge the cost of staff collaborations within the UK.
  • WP3 - MC presented slides. Splitting WP3 into two overlapping worklines: Short term – to include text experiments at Swansea, design of Gabor lens, overlap with WP2 and instrumentation. Longer term – details of Gabor lens fixed, thorough testing of plasma loading , stability and reproducibility (a lot of experience with this). Proposal outline – outcomes and deliverables/ trying to define the content. Shared an attempt on costing. 2 PDRAs included. Next jobs – Decision on magnet, Decision on Berkeley involvement, Costings development, Define test bench parameters, develop proposal, assign these tasks. [CW- interesting to see the costings – especially for the magnets- can we make our own ?]
  • WP4 - JM presented slides - updates for Ion Acoustic Imaging. LhARA has stage 1 and stage 2 beams, each with their own properties which may require different instrumentation. Where might we test prototype instrumentation on a beam? CERN, Birmingham, Advanced Oncotherapy - to be considered. Currently looking at restarting the work on scintillating fibre detectors as a known cross-calibration for ion acoustic dose measurements. Next steps: draft out timeline of the stages or the WP and derive manpower costings. Approach industry for information on hardware costings. EH to meet with Ken, John, Jeff and Colin to get up to speed with WP4.
  • WP5 (separate meeting that took place on 20th of September)
  • WP6 - JP presented slides. Design of the main three challenging components: Gabor lens (subject of focus of the capture WP) / FFA main magnet design / MA cavity. Additional items for completion of Phase I CDR completion ( time estimated for an RA adds up to 1 FTEy). Summary: 4.5 FTEy of the RA effort in total, 3 PhD students (magnet design, MA cavity design, beam diagnostics development) + extra costs for software and materials + usual consumables. Effort for the next 3 years to be estimated. Milestones and deliverables have been identified. [KL – we need to go to accelerator centres to investigate more of what help we will need and how we could cost it.] [CW- more effort might be required on implementation]

CW- The group is working together effectively. However, we need to be more realistic with timescales. 30th of September – we want to be at a point of having an accuracy of 90% in costing. ( not inflated- but an honest estimate). A reminder of the SG meeting on the 27th of September.

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