Initial work package discussions to prepare the LhARA proposal

WP1/ management – Colin Whyte (CW), Jason Parsons (JP), Kenneth Long (KL), Dion Kordopati (DK)

WP2/ source – Ross Gray (RG), CW, JP, KL, DK

WP3/ capture – William Bertsche (WB), Mike Charlton (MC), CW, JP, KL

WP4/ Dose - John Matheson (JM), CW, JP, KL, DK

WP5/ Test-Stand - Tony Price (TP), KL, CW, JP, TP

WP6 / System – Jaroslaw Pasternak (JwP)


  • To gather thoughts to date
  • First check on progress
  • First attempt on definition of WPs
  • First attempt on objectives and costing
  • arrange future meetings

Notes & Action Plan

  • Project office mailing list ccap-lhara-po@… to contact us (CW, JP, KL, DK, Amato Giaccia)
  • CCAP- wiki page will be our reference site. LhARA Teams channel for finances and quick access to resources
  • Next one-to-one meetings WPMs & PO – Thursday 2nd of September – DK to send invites
  • Next plenary WPMs meeting – Thursday 17th of September – DK to send invites

WP1: CW and KL to look at STFC management handbook, All to look at stakeholder plan. JP- to advise on Engagement and outreach, KL document relationship to ITRF. KL to talk to Pat wrt and stakeholder plan. All to look at stakeholder plan, to form an advisory board. DK to arrange meetings every 2 weeks. DK to arrange steering group meeting w/c 20/09

WP2: RG presented slides- first attempt on objectives and costing.

WP3: MC: talked about structural issues, PI needs to be identified. WP3 to incorporate real costing to make a strong case. To look into identifying magnet partner (collaborator in Berkeley)

WP4: JM will discuss milestones with Jeff Bamber. JM to meet with JB, CW and KL. (doodle sent). Ultrasonic equipment via Jeff. KL may be alternate sources for this project.

WP5: TP presented slides with first attempt on WP definition. Will be helpful to meet with WP4 to discuss. DK to send a doodle poll for next week.

WP6: JwP presented slides – first attempt on WP definition. JwP to incorporate real costs. Staff costing in Quarterly FTEs. KL will continue to liaise with Jim Clarke.

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