WP2 meeting with Project Office

02 September 2021

WP2 – ND & KL, CW, DK

The sub-team has weekly meetings. They have made a good progress with the costing and have started a risk registry.

ND presented slides. Proposing to split the WP into 2 main themes: source demonstration/characterisation – lower risk /  R7D for full , stable, sustainable 10 Hz operation – higher risk. KL- suggested to tackle the higher risk first.  

Milestones have been identified:

  • MS1 Full 3D + hydro baseline simulations using optimised SCAPA-like conditions
  • MS2 – Deliver  a diagnostic platform for proton and heavy ion beam characterisation
  • MS3- perform baseline experiment for proton and carbon beams at 1 Hz using optimised conditions on SCAPA.
  • MS4- conceptual design of sustainable target system complete
  • MS5 completed concept design on ion source system
  • MS6 continuous operation of ion source demonstrated

Costing:  It should be the Full Economic Cost . Capital costs will be organised through STFC. Measurements in collaboration with Belfast. Belfast should be recognised. KL suggested to add cost for people in Belfast as well as equipment cost. Maybe the additional cost for a student at Belfast? CW suggested to not underestimate Elisabetta's time on the costing sheet.

Action ND: to talk to people in Belfast wrt adding staff costing and studentship. Action ND: to send an updated costing sheet and the risk registry.

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