Agenda Present: CW, KL, DK, CB, SE, MC, JP

1 Cost

  • Travel £15k - agree proposal will explicitly identify all travel beyond £5k pa.
  1. Milestones
  • M3.1 Validate plasma simulations with existing Swansea experimental set-up Month 6
  • M3.2 Progress report of large diameter plasma experiments and simulations Month 18
  • M3.3 Next generation plasma lens testbench design Month 24
  • M3.4 Progress report of standalone plasma apparatus build and commissioning Month 36
  • M3.5 Progress report of large particle-number plasma experiments and simulations Month 48
  • M3.6 Ion focussing results Month 60
  • M3.7 Final plasma lens design Month 60

milestones approved

  1. Risk
  1. AOB

Collaboration agreement - will likely be required by Swansea - should be owened by STFC Insitutional letter of support - agree to 'In-kind' contributions - for STFC these are positive.

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