LhARA Project WPM Meeting 23rd August 2022 WP2; 14:00 GMT


Meeting ID: 950 0073 4107 Passcode: p+Uu8$


  • Overleaf
    • Please read - both Ken and myself have been editing
    • Each work package would have the format
      • Objectives
      • Reporting for LhARA D1-4
      • Milestones
      • Resources - this will be taken from the latest costing Ken and I completed 19-08-22
      • Gantt - Colin Whyte to provide
  • Costing
    • Current status
      • Total still 'Slighty over' but within error margins? Now looking to get real JeS numbers to cross check. *see attachment 22-08-19-CWJeS.xlsx

  • JeS - please start this ASAP, even if you have no finances to add yet.
  • Add the following as 'view only' editors
    • Me colin.whyte@… W04136F
    • Ken k.long@… N0955B
    • Louise Hayward (Imperial) l.hayward@… H80753A
  • Z3423509.
  • Council: STFC
  • Proposal type: standard
  • Scheme: Standard
  • Call: Open (none)
  • The title of the grant should include reference to “ITRF” to help identify the Je-S forms on receipt by UKRI and also to help with reporting.
  • In the “peer review preferences” section of the form select “Other”.
  • Boilerplate is not required in each individual JeS - text from lead JeS will be circulated.

*ITRF kick-off meeting 20th Sept.

  • AOB
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