Gabor Lens meeting: 3NOV2022; 16:00 BST

Present: CB (chair), SE, MC, CW, TD, BB, KL, JP
Apologies: RH, EB


1a. Previous actions:

  1. Swansea press release resulted in local "That's TV" interview by RH
  2. DPP went OK for LhARA. Limited engagement but new literature research avenue suggested.
  3. IAB review seemed to go well for WP3 from CB perspective as presenter. Two immeadiate suggestions: 1. continue researching beyond prototype; 2. Engage with other users. Hopefully IAB will provide feedback in mid-October.

2a. ITRF now 1/24th complete. Reporting to WP1 due tomorrow. Discussion on spend details - linear of exisiting staff with discontinuity with new staff, equipment spend, etc.
2b. Full reporting of effort to be considered as to not under represent effort. Perhaps 3 or 6 monthly, but this effort needs to be considered.
2c. Discussed in AOB: clear lines of reporting need to be established, currently 'wiki project group' is suggested, details to be discussed in next WPM meeting to not duplicate effort.
2d. No current update on award letter timescale.

3a. No update.

4a. See 2c.
4b. Discussion on Gabor lens 1 loading technique & apparatus design. Seperate meeting required.
4c. Capture mailing list issues noted.
4d. In person meeting in Swansea proposed.

DoNM: 10NOV22

Summary of actions:

  1. CB Arrange virtual design meeting.
  2. CB Arrange in-person ITRF Capture meeting.
  3. CB Report October 2022 progress to WP1.
  4. KL Look into mailing list issues.


  1. Introduction, notes and actions: Chair/All
  1. ITRF update: CB
  1. Research update:All
  1. AOB: All

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