Meeting to discuss potting SmartPhantom station and station optical connector

Present: C. Lockett, C. Dabinett, HT. Lau, K. Long


Station potting://

  • We’ll try and pot the fibres using the ‘hybrid’ scheme discussed at our recent phone meeting (
    • Place a sheet of mylar (consider kevlar and kapton) on one side of the assembled station and glue it in place;
    • Place "mylar side" of assembled station on a ptfe former so that resin can be floated on top. The upper surface is to be 200 microns above the top layer of fibre (OK according to HT’s simulations);
    • Allow resin to cure under vacuum.
  • Cyril/Colin will make some test pieces so that we can measure light transmission and assess mechanical stability.
  • HTL will repeat simulations with agreed configuration of resin and with various types of film (i.e. mylar, kevlar, and kapton), also will repeat the assessment of the impact of varying the thickness of the film layer.

Potting boot for station optical connector://

  • Design of station connector to be reviewed between Cyril, Colin and Liam upon Liam’s return. Issue is how to float resin into the connector “boot”.

Drawings for SmartPhantom://

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