Design and Integration meeting: 14 Feb 2023 15:00 GMT



  • Actions from last meeting.
  • Simulations.
  • Baseline change document preparation.
  • AOB


Actions Description Status
22-11-08-04 Will Shields to explore the capability of GPT Optimisation programme (GDFSOLVE) Complete
22-11-22-03 Will Shields to identify a list of anomalies, missing components or errors spotted in the draft Device naming Convention. Complete
22-12-06-04 Chris Baker to provide a CAD model of the Gabor Lens test bench In progress
22-12-06-05 Clive Hill to import the CAD model into Creo to provide a better image of the Gabor Lenses. In progress
23-01-17-01 Ajit Kurup to contact Scott Lawrie to learn about Astra. Open
23-01-17-02 Ajit Kurup to get Dockerfiles for BDsim from Will. In progress
23-01-17-03 Ajit Kurup to investigate options for storing data somewhere easily accessible for the collaboration. Open
23-01-24-01 All to prepare document for the milestone to update the baseline Open
23-01-31-01 Jaroslaw Pasternak to ask Titus to generate a new sample of the SCAPA distribution with a larger energy spread. Closed


Present: Neil Bliss, Ajit Kurup, Jaroslaw Pasternak, Will Shields, Colin Whyte
Apologies: Ken Long, Hywel Owen

  • Actions
    • NB: Meeting with Chris Baker about the CAD model tomorrow to build the CAD model from scratch.
    • JP: Titus has sent new SCAPA distribution.
  • Slides from Will on GPT optimisation.
    • Had to optimise in sections as optimising the full lattice doesn't find solutions.
    • Investigating solenoid fringe fields.
    • Discussion of using field maps in BDSIM.
      • WS: Better to discuss the issue of overlapping fields at the monthly BDSIM dev meeting.
    • NB: Would it be good to write down the parameters from the previous version of the baseline to compare to the new one?
      • Discussion.
  • Update of the baseline.
    • JP: Updating tools to simulate the FFA. Once the simulation of the spiral FFA is done then the parameters for the injection line can be determined.
    • NB: ITRF milestone is in March to be reported in early April. Meeting scheduled for 21st March (Project board on 23rd March) but might be best to move this if the date is difficult for Jaroslaw.
      • CW will set up a Doodle for a new date for the meeting.
    • 4 (maybe 5) configurations to be investigated.
    • Details of the update will be included in the slides to be presented at the meeting.
  • AOB
    • NB: When do you think details will be ready to do a CAD model of the magnet?
      • Discussion.
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