Design and Integration meeting: 7 March 2023 15:00 GMT



  • Actions from last meeting.
  • Simulations.
  • AOB


Actions Description Status
22-12-06-04 Chris Baker to provide a CAD model of the Gabor Lens test bench In progress
22-12-06-05 Clive Hill to import the CAD model into Creo to provide a better image of the Gabor Lenses. In progress
23-01-17-02 Ajit Kurup to get Dockerfiles for BDsim from Will. Closed
23-01-17-03 Ajit Kurup to investigate options for storing data somewhere easily accessible for the collaboration. In progress
23-01-24-01 All to prepare document for the milestone to update the baseline In progress


Present: Neil Bliss, Clive Hill, Ajit Kurup, Ken Long, Hywel Owen, Rehanah Razak, Will Shields
Apologies: Jaroslaw Pasternak, Colin Whyte

  • Document for the 6-month review.
    • NB is preparing a section on the facility layout and has written a first draft.
    • AK: Would it be useful to include some details on the plan to address sustainability?
      • NB can add some details based on the work done for the CALA facility in Munich.
      • Discussion.
    • WS is getting plots together for the document, text will follow.
    • Discussion on the different configurations to be mentioned in the report.
    • CAD
      • NB has had discussions with Chris Baker and now has the CAD model of the lens.
        • CW will upload a drawing of the SCAPA target area, which will be updated with details of the tape target.
        • These can then be put together to present in the report.
      • CH showed the CAD model.
    • AK: Will there be any input from the vacuum group at DL.
      • NB: DL will wait for the CAD model to be ready before doing any calculations.
      • NB: If there is time we could add a bit on the general vacuum design (i.e. how the design of the facility segregates the vacuum system into sections).
    • KL: Rehanah will use BDSIM to look at the delivery into the end stations to produce different spot sizes, micro-beams, etc.
      • AK: Was looking into getting the BDSIM Docker image running.
        • Discussion on how best to run BDSIM.
        • Agreed using the version on CVMFS (available through the linux cluster)is simplest. Using Docker can be looked at in the future if there is a strong need for it.
    • NB to add more detail to the infrastructure section and Hywel will add to the Overleaf when it's ready.
    • Sections
      • Infrastructure
      • Design and simulations
      • AK: Should we add a section on the RF? We can outline the key parameters and the technology choices being considered.
        • Discussion.
        • AK to outline current technology choices.
      • AK to add subsection headings to document.
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