Design and Integration meeting: 4 July 2023 15:00 GMT



  • Actions from last meeting.
  • Simulations.
  • Preparation for the baseline update.
  • AOB


23-01-24-01 All to prepare document for the milestone to update the baseline In progress


Present: Neil Bliss, Clive Hill, Ajit Kurup, Ken Long, Hywel Owen, Jaroslaw Pasternak, Lilli Platt, Rehanah Razak, Colin Whyte, Will Shields

  • CAD - slides from CH
    • Looking at horizontal and vertical options to give more room for diagnostics.
    • Work being done by colleague on LhARA beam line layout.
    • Discussion on the placement of first gabor lens/solenoid.
  • KL:
    • Question on fringe field effect of the gabor lens electro-static E field.
    • Discussion
  • Update from JP:
    • FFA field in Mathematica for double spiral in FF config.
    • Keeping field integral the same means the radius of the ring increases to 4m.
    • Looking at different configurations to obtain stable tunes.

  • Slides from WS:
    • End station dose.
      • Comparison with HT's simulation results.
        • Discrepancies being investigated.
      • Need to look at simulating the Markus ion chamber.
    • Spot size optimisation
      • Looking at obtaining the ranges of spot sizes required.
    • WS at CERN next week and will discuss areas for collaboration.
  • AOB
    • Slides on linear optics - KL
      • Goal is to investigate the final focus.
    • BDSIM workshop.
      • WS will discuss the agenda and schedule when at CERN.
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