Design and Integration meeting: 6 February 2024 15:00 GMT



  • Simulations.
  • Engineering.
  • AOB



Present: Andy Goulden, Clive Hill, Ta-Jen Kuo, Ajit Kurup, Jaroslaw Pasternak, Matt Pereira, Rehanah Razak, Will Shields, Anna Vikhoreva, Colin Whyte
Apologies: Ken Long, Hywel Owen

  • Simulations
    • Update from WS:
      • stage 1 injection line optimisation with space charge to achieve required injection conditions.
      • Gabor lens in BDSIM.
        • Physical geometry elements are in place.
        • Need to add fields.
    • JP: Details from CH on diagnostics and correctors to be added to the optics simulation.
    • TJK:
      • Power calculation after gap height reduction.
      • Currents have not been optimised but have come down by about half.
      • Still over the limit.
      • AG: About 35% of the power is needed for cooling so total power requirement would be of the order of 4 MW.
      • CH: FETS substation is only about 1.25MW
    • Longitudinal phase space.
      • AK to look into this.
  • CW: reminder re upcoming milestone and report.
    • CH:
      • Emailed Bradley Kirk and got CAD model for the FETS FFA RF cavity. Also got some details on beam diagnostics.
      • Would like clarification on what level of detail needs to go in the report.
        • CW: Deliver the concept and a plan for the FFA but not an engineered solution.
    • Discussion on what detail should into the FFA part of the report.
    • Agreed to write up what has been done and where the design is now. Focus is on stage 1.
  • Discussion re what deliverables should go into the bridging funds request.
  • Engineering - CH
    • Update on coil layout in CAD.
      • 10 nested coils with terminations.
      • Expectation is that the assembly is potted.
    • CW: Plenty of detail already done and it might be useful to talk to a manufacturer at this point to see what they think.
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