LhARA Executive Board 06Feb23; 09:00 GMT

LhARA Executive Board 06Feb23; 09:00 GMT

Present: AG, KL, CW, JPar, TG
Apologies: YP, PP


  1. Notes and actions: All Notes not yet completed and uploaded. KL will progress this asap.

Status of actions:

  • TG: float the idea of a "Publications Board" that would encompass publications and conferences to the IB at its next meeting.
    • Ongoing.
  • KL/TG: Update and circulate the Consortium Agreement.
    • Ongoing.
  1. LhARA Project progress report: CW
    • To include WP0 meeting, feedback and discussion.
    • No summary of technical issues as collaboration meeting on Wednesday will cover these.
    • Collaboration meeting not well timed for preparation for the 6-month review. Need to set up an additional ZOOM to prepare/rehearse. Preparation for this activity will be made at CM3
    • Response to review document udnerway.
    • N.Bliss now back from 01Feb23 on 6-month contract.
    • WP0; last meeting was combatative. K.Kirkby's opinion is that LhARA is not required to serve present community. LhARA will take too long and is not needed. CW noted that resources were provided for the programme defined in the proposa.
    • We agreed that this was important background but that our imperative remains to drive forward the LhARA initiative.

2a. ITRF bioloigy meeting: AG

  • AG, JPa, KK, HO: discussion of science at conventional ion source.
  • Clinical connections viewed as important.
  • We agreed on the importance of the preparatin of a bid to the MRC MDPI call.

  1. Evolution of LhARA initiative over the next 12 months, discussion.: All
    • We dsicussed the imperative to deliver the funded programme and, in preparation for the preparation of the CDR, to consult possible national and international user communities about issues such as location and co-location with other facilities or infrastructures. The latter in addition to the ongoing consultation.
  1. Update on response to external review of proposal (standing item until complete); KL, CW, All
    • Still outstanding.
  1. STFC accelerator consortium call: KL, All
    • Next discussion of the way forward on this to be held on 10Feb23.
  1. MRC call: : AG, JPl
    • Ongoing discussoin (KP etc); build around ongoiong activities; flasg, laser accelerator connection in Germany.
  1. Next CM in Birmingham and next IB: JPa, TG, YP, All
    • We noted agenda and the preparations.
  1. DONM
    09Feb23; 16:00 GMT -- We agreed to skip this one.
  1. AoB
    • £25 for patient representives for collaboration meeting.
      • Agreed.
    • Science Board:
      • Agreed to get this organised.

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