LhARA Executive Board 05Apr23; 16:00 BST

Summary of actions

  • KL:* Post notes on previous meeting;
  • KL, TG: Push on contacting institute PIs re signing MoU and consulting re positioning in next proposal.
  • KL, TG: Push on organisation of IoP meeting.
  • `RB, KP: Circulate ToR for SB for comment to the EB.
  • CW: circulate proposed dates, or time windows, for next CMs and consultation meetings.

Present: KL, TG, PP, AG, RB, JPar, CJ

  1. Notes and actions: All Status of actions:
    Notes of previous meeting had not been posted, so, none recorded. (KL to post.)
  1. LhARA Project progress report: CW
    CW unable to attend. KL summarised status of 6-monthly report. We discussed the need to move the peer-group consultation being developed in WP5 forward more rapidly. JPar agreed to support T.Price and R.McLauchlan in taking this forward.
  1. LhARA IB report: TG, YP
    TG noted that the outstanding actions were to refresh list of PIs and to reach out to get the signing of the MoU underway. KL and TG will get this underway after Easter. TG reminded us that we had agreed that during this process the task of understanding the position the group would like to take with respect to the next proposal shoudl be discussed.
    • We also noted that TG and KL were going to push on the development of the IoP meeting on novel techniques.
  1. LhARA SB report: BB, KP
    RB, and KP met last Friday and discussed the people whom they'd like top invite to serve on the SB. A list of potential SB members had been drawn up. Work had started on the drawing of the ToR for the SB. The ToR will be circulated to the EB for comment shortly.
  1. Documenting radiation biology programme:// AG, JPar, All
    AG reported that goal was to write down the programme of experiments that should be carried out and to target this at particular experiments. With the programme in hand, the task would be to seek the resource to execute the initial experiments.

We agreed the following actions:

  • KL: Write once more to U.Schramm, with RB in CC, to explain our situation with the programme and to ask for a conversation on how to proceed.
    • Note added: Seems reasonable to email U.Schrame, J.Schreiber, and KParodi in the same email. Opinions sought.
  1. Collaboration and consultation meeting dates:// All
    • CW: CW will circulate proposed dates, or time windows, for next CMs and consultation meetings.
  1. DONM
    19Apr23; 16:00 BST
  1. AoB
  • KL reported on the meeting on Monday and Tuesday between Imperial and CNRS. Context was the development of the CNRS/Imperial IRC. KL presented LhARA, there was interest in taking the programme forward in some guise. We discussed the concept that some of the meetings on the development of the LhARA radiobiology programme could be held in Paris. Broad consensus that this was a reasonable idea.
  • KL reported on his visit to CERN. He delivered a presentation on LhARA and was received warmly. In discussion with a number of people from the Accelerator and Beam Physics group, several topics for future development were identified. It was agreed that a meeting between ABP personnel and LhARA members would be set up to discuss areas of cooperation.

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