LhARA Executive Board 26Jul23; 16:00 BST



  1. Notes and actions: All
    See also Meeting to discuss IF Wave 4 bid?.

Status of actions:

  • KL, TG: Push on contacting institute PIs re signing MoU and consulting re positioning in next proposal.
  • Stands. Progress.
  • CNRS
  • 24Oct23
  1. LhARA Project progress report: CW
    • Slides
    • Agree to write a process paper.
  • Issues in the project;
    • WP3; need to move the thing forward to make progress
    • WP6; Neil Bliss retirement; FFA; inappropriate emphasis on engineering
  • Lean on Swansea
  1. LhARA SB report: BB, KP
  1. UKRI cross research council responsive mode pilot scheme: round 1
    • Update ... Gabor lens ...
  1. Bid for continuation next steps
    • Including:
      • How to converge on bio demo experiment
      • How to organise preparation of full proposal in parallel to managing existing programme
      • WPMs for new work packages

Access to data.

  1. Documenting vision for biological science programme Will now be part of 5-year plan that will accompany PA2 submission in October 2023.
  1. Collaboration and consultation meeting dates:// KL
    • Next collaboration meetings: 20Sep23; Glasgow
  1. DONM
    09Augl23; 16:00 BST
  1. AoB

Beatson contact ...

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