LhARA Executive Board 12Jul23; 16:00 BST

Present: AG, KL, JPar, CW, PP, CJ RB


  1. Notes and actions: All
    See also impromptu meeting.

Status of actions:

  • KL, TG: Push on contacting institute PIs re signing MoU and consulting re positioning in next proposal.
    • Ongoing.
  • KL, TG: Push on organisation of IoP meeting.
    • Done. Well, "in hand". Organisation now in place. Advertisement needs to start.
  • RB, KP: Circulate ToR for SB for comment to the EB.
    • Done. Need now to accept comments and address typos and post.
  1. LhARA Project progress report: CW
    • Item was "skipped" as we concentrated almost solely on item 5.
  1. LhARA SB report: BB, KP
    • C. Baker abstract for Plasma conference received and circulated for comment. J.McGarrigle will post on the wiki.
  1. UKRI cross research council responsive mode pilot scheme: round 1
    • Discussion of how to proceed with "central" proposal. Agreed to try and engage WP2 leads in specification of irradiations that could take place on SCAPA.
  1. Bid for continuation discussion, next steps, position Discussion of recent developments and need to deliver PA proforma by 21Jul23. CW had made ann initial pass at reviewing the budget. Our discussion focused on the preparation of a bid with a value ~£20M over 4 years. CW had made a first pass at the revised profile, top down. KL had made a first draft of the proforma text (attached to this page).

We agreed to add a line for biology and one for clinical engagement and patient involvement.

We agreed the following plan to finalise the document:

  • Comments and updates on the present version (d0) by:
    • Friday 14Jul23 morning (to be included in a Friday afternoon update, with first versions of the financial tables); or (latest) by
    • Monday (17Jul23) morning. These comments will be included in an update by Friday evening that we can use as the basis for the meeting with Dave Newbold on 18Jul23.
  • New updated draft by Wednesday 19Jul23 afternoon;
  • Comments and updates on the Wednesday 19Jul23 version by Friday 21Jul23 around 10:00 so that the final draft can be updated and circulated for checking before the submission deadline.
  1. Documenting vision for biological science programme Will now be part of 5-year plan that will accompany PA2 submission in October 2023.
  1. Collaboration and consultation meeting dates:// KL
    • Next collaboration meetings: 20Sep23; Glasgow
  1. DONM
    29Jul23; 16:00 BST
  1. AoB

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