LhARA Executive Board 05Sep23; 16:00 BST



  1. Notes and actions: All

Status of actions:

  • KL, TG: Push on contacting institute PIs re signing MoU and consulting re positioning in next proposal.
    • Ongoing.
  1. LhARA/ITRF PA1 progress report: CW
    CW reported August was a little quiet. Focus now on preparation of 12 month report. Believed to be OK.
    • Personnel:
      • WP2: EB's post-doc is now recruited. Start date being negotiated. Some progress, but, not as much progress on simulation as
      • WP3: believed person should be in post but not clear.
      • WP4: LMU ... Oct5 -- Bib for mailing klsit -- exit, LMU/SCAPA
      • WP5: Expectation of additional effort to support NK has now materialised. Absence of this effort has reduced progress on, e.g., the instrumentation.
        Progress has become more rapid, but, still have issues in generating material for report which is due at the end of Sep23.
      • WP6: Progress seems reasonable. Some milestones now under pressure, arguably could have been foreseen. Stage 1 is "OK", more detail is required on Stage 2. Mitigations, additional effort, being negotiated.
        Engineering aspects of WP6 going OK; detail is excellent, but, arguably ahead of understanding of some of the systems.
  • CM4 ... schedule and emails ...


  • Pictures of kit in presentations, can they be used in general presentations ...
  • DL committed to effort, are they expending the effort. High resolution and credits.
  1. LhARA/ITRF PA2 preparation:
    • Including STFC Bid Review: an OK review.

Chris Townsley

Review in Feb24.

Pat on engagement

? send biogs as Alidh is in the room.

  1. PoP experiment

Kevin meeting to be scheduled.

Beatson (Chalmers) MLC (Sara)

Write to Marco ...


  1. LhARA SB report: BB, KP
    • ToR to circulated ...
    • WWW site to be updated ...
    • Working already; one where will be a replacement speaker;
  1. Collaboration and consultation meeting dates:// KL
    • Next collaboration meetings: 20Sep23; Glasgow
    • 26Apr23; after that, one more, Belfast

perhaps more than a day after easter

  1. DONM
    04Oct23; 16:00 BST -- proposal
  1. AoB

11Oct; Pays colloquium

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