LhARA & LMU ionacoustics meeting: 2Dec22; 14:00 GMT

Present: S.Gerlach, J.Lascaud, V.Lay, K.Long, A.McIntosch-LaRocque, J.McGarrigle, M.Maxouti, K.Parodi, M.Pinto, J.Schreiber


  1. Introductions; tour de table
  1. Ionacoustics; LhARA perspective(brief!): KL
    • Study of ion acoustics born out of need to measured dose shot by shot at 10Hz or better. Initial goal is to carry out an experiment to validate technique.
  1. Ionacoustics; LMU perspective (brief!): KP, JS
    • Two motivations: goal to measure dose in vitro and goal to characterise flux and spectra from ion-beam production experiments without use of passive/distructive sensors.
  1. CALA beam line at LMU: SG
  1. Status of beam line simulation development: MM
  1. Ion acoustic measurements so far: JL
  1. Status of smart phantom & k-Wave simulations: MM
  1. Ideas for TOPAZ-nbio developments “for the end game”: JM
  1. DONM
    • LMU colleagues will be added to LhARA ion acoustic mailing list and are invited to our fortnightly meeting. Obviously people will not be able to attend them all. In addition, we'll organise, roughly monthly, a gathering like today's.
  1. AoB
    • We discussed ways forward. Staged approach to experiments discussed. First step is to make the simulation both self-consistent and more complete.

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