Liquid-scintillator test set up: 04May23; 12:30 GMT =



  1. Agree on the phantom design to be used for a preliminary test experiment of the liquid scintillator & camera
  1. Agree on the phantom design to be used for the final experiment with the liquid scintillator, camera, proton entry window, SciFi planes station and acoustic transducers


  1. Fish tank can be a potential phantom choice for the preliminary experiment, with the camera held on top by an external support
  1. Phantom material could be plexiglass or aluminum (probably painted black inside)
  1. Our camera should be good enough for the experiment
  1. Kapton has a high refractive index: Investigate the use of titanium and diamond sheets for the entry window - run Geant4 simulations to see their effect
  1. For the final design, the exact transducers should be known to allow space to mount them on the phantom walls
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