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Bridging funds

K Long - discussion - slides (here)

Bridging funds - discussion

Deliverables Work Package 1. Project management: Deliverables

  • D1 Early progress review CDR M6
  • D2 Interim progress review CDR M12
  • D3 Pre-CDR Review M18
  • D4 CDR M24
  • D5 Initial progress review TDR & technical de-risk update M30
  • D6 Interim progress review TDR & technical de-risk update M36
  • D7 Final progress review TDR & technical de-risk update M42
  • D8 Stage 1 TDR & technical de-risk report M48
  • D9 Pre-TDR2 review M54
  • D10 TDR2 M60


Work package 2: Laser-driven proton and ion source

  • M2.1: Prediction of optimised proton source parameters for 100+ TW laser systems based on hydrodynamic and kinetic simulations M12
  • M2.2: First SCAPA ion source simulations and experiment completed M18
  • M2.3: Investigation and demonstration of 10 Hz debris and damage challenges at ICL M36
  • M2.4: Demonstration of continuous operation of 1 Hz beam generation on SCAPA M48
  • M2.5: Demonstration of stabilised 5 Hz beam generation on SCAPA M60

Work package 3: Proton and ion capture

  • M3.1: Validate plasma simulations with existing Swansea experimental set-up M6
  • M3.2: Progress report of large diameter plasma experiments and simulations M18
  • M3.3: Next generation plasma lens testbench design M24
  • M3.4: Progress report of standalone plasma apparatus build and commissioning M36
  • M3.5: Progress report of large particle-number plasma experiments and simulations M48
  • M3.6: Ion focussing results M60
  • M3.7: Final plasma lens design M60

Radiobiological Science and technology

Work Package 7:

  • M7.1: Develop beamline and bespoke facilities at SCAPA for radiobiology experimentation M30
  • M7.2: Preliminary results from cell survival/DNA damage experiments with laser-accelerated protons at SCAPA M36
  • M7.3: Development of RBEs of laser-accelerated protons (versus pre-existing cyclotron-driven protons) in established cell lines M48
  • M7.4: Assessment of DNA damage repair kinetics and immunopeptidomic analysis of laser-accelerated protons M48

Work package 4: Ion-acoustic dose mapping

  • M4.1: Geant4 simulations of beam energy deposition profile M18
  • M4.2: Acoustic sensor array design M24
  • M4.3: Iterative reconstruction methods M42
  • M4.4: Integration: ultra-sonic array with radiobiology station M48 may require manpower up-lift and some equipment funds
  • M4.5: LhARA ion-acoustic test results M48

Work package 5: Novel end-station development

  • M5.1: Design LhARA automated cell dish handling and environmental system M24
  • M5.2: Report on end-station user-community consultation M24
  • M5.3: Report on end-station component testing at Birmingham M24
  • M5.4: Construct beam delivery room including end-station and cellular imaging capabilities M60
  • M5.5: Specification of LhARA beam monitoring technology M24
  • M5.6: Report on delivery of LhARA beam monitoring system M60
  • M5.7: kGy/s tests at Birmingham M24

Work package 6: Design and integration

  • M6.1: Final review of R&D work towards LhARA CDR M18
  • M6.2: Final review of R&D work towards LhARA Phase 1 TDR M42
  • M6.3: Review of R&D work towards LhARA Phase 2 TDR M48
  • M6.4: Technical report on FFA main magnet prototype M58.
  • M6.5: Technical report on MA RF cavity prototype M58.

Work Package 8:

  • Creation of collaborative international clinical research group M40
  • Wider public engagement - All party parliamentary group on radiotherapy M48



  • humble bragg competition?

WP5 consultation 3, Jan 24th Liverpool. Excellent meeting


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