"Side coupled Medical Linac development at Lancaster University" - Graeme Burt (Lancaster)

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    Date: 19 Feb 2020
    Time: 15:00 
    Venue: Room 539, Blackett Lab
           Department of Physics
           Imperial College London
           Exhibition Road
           SW7 2AZ


Medical linacs have been the workhorse of radiotherapy for several decade, but despite their importance have barely changed in that time. However the need for higher gradients for proton therapy linacs and cheaper more maintainable linacs for lower and middle income countries have resulted in the community taking a fresh look at these systems. At Lancaster we have been investigating the standard 3 GHz side coupled cavity but reimagining it to reach these new applications and requirements. The seminar will cover the PROBE project to develop high gradient linear accelerators for boosting the final energy in proton therapy for imaging to reach 50 MV/m, while keeping beam transport optimised minimise image times, as well as discussing how this could be utilised for treatment instead. It will also cover novel approaches to traditional radiotherapy to meet the challenges in Africa, by investigating how to reduce the costs and maintenance in medical linacs.

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