LhARA Project WPM Meeting 1st November 2022 WP2; 14:00 GMT


Meeting ID: 950 0073 4107 Passcode: p+Uu8$


Review 27th October

Reporting - 1st monthly report

WPM bi-weekly meetings - dates/times



1st Nov 2022 WPM meeting 14.00 Zoom

Present CW, JB, ND, JPar, CB, NB, TP, RG, JPas, KL, EB Apologies RM

Review. Comments

  • NB When do we expect to receive feedback from reviewers? KL draft by 10th Nov with feedback to LhARA collab expected by mid Nov.
  • NB can KL comment on closed session?
    • KL largely positive, response from reviewers will likely address key risk and FFA design.
    • JPas – manpower resources may restrict LhARA response to review, depending on reviewers comments.
    • KL reviewer feedback will require a response from this group. CW to try to distribute before next WPM meeting.
  • JPar – radio-biology review feedback will also be important *KL - Britta intends to write Radio-biology feedback – LhARA response should be led by JPar and AG.
  • Further review in new year should address issues raised this review.

Reporting to ITRF

  • Discussion of reporting template
  • Agreed spend profile does not require accurate ‘finance’ input.
  • Linear staff spend assumed for all work packages.
  • RG – clarification on ‘Issues’ section, what should be reported here?

NB this is often reported as the ‘realised’ risks.

  • NB in addition to PRC reporting LhARA should document its own spend profile over entire PA


  • Flash radio therapy conf – accepted TP – 2nd Dec TP to preview presentation to collaboration before conference. Action TP to present talk to LhARA on 22nd Nov.
  • NB JeS status. CW only one JeS still not submitted – this is now being pushed through Uni Admin
  • RG. When do we expect LhARA money to arrive in Universities.
  • CW expect Uni will be advised of award within 1 month though there may be a delay between notification of award and availability of funds to staff. This is normal within Universities and those with urgent requirements may need to contact their university admin to expedite.
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