LhARA Project WPM Meeting 15th November 2022 WP2; 14:00 GMT


Meeting ID: 950 0073 4107 Passcode: p+Uu8$


JeS progress: update - CW

  • JeS information passed from STFC to ITRF. ITRF response should allow STFC to issue award letters -

LhARA Review: no update - expect more substantial discussion at next WPM meeting

LhARA End station - 1st consultation 14th Dec 2022 Charing Cross.

  • Online registration now available.
  • Briefing document will be required 2 weeks in advance - draft for next WPM meeting?
    • Include beam parameters/time structure/beam size etc.
    • Sample container requirements
    • atmospheric control
    • Running schedule, several hours continuous. Downtime.
    • Also consider possible on site cell diagnostics

IPAC Papers Absracts 7th Dec. Conf May'23.

  • ICL preparing 'overview' paper, others considering options.
  • Action potential authors to prepare material for consideration at next WPM meeting.


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