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SmartPhantom meeting: Wednesday 2nd October 2019, 11:00 BST

Meeting details

Venue: my apologies; I did not book a room at Imperial!

Perhaps JB and HTL et al can work out a convenient common location.

Phone details:

  UK: 08082 380274
  Austria: 0800 006612 

  PIN: 5904750902

Full list of telephone contacts may be found here.


  1. Notes and actions from last meeting:
    • KL: Liaise to develop concept for polishing.
      • Stands.
    • KL: Prepare revision to schedule for the next meeting.
      • Stands. Agenda item.
    • KL,AK,HTL: Consult to specify the data recording at MedAustron.
      • Done. We propose:
        • We get a trigger from the `machine start' from the synchrotron at MedAustron. Implies we need to know the signal type and convert as necessary.
        • We then run the cameras in ‘video camera’ mode;
        • We start the readout after a delay to be determined. The delay needs to be such that the cameras start to run ‘just before’ the beam arrives.
    • AK: Invent a note numbering scheme so that HTL's note can be "published" on the wiki as a CCAP note.
      • Stands. Probably can discuss with HTL and (to coin a phrase) get it done!
    • HTL: Add CCAP note number to the header of the note and post it as a CCAP note.
      • Stands.
    • AK: Purchase hard-drive to store SmartPhantom data in operation.
      • Stands.
    • KL or HTL: Transport optical components from Imperial to RAL (LC).
      • Done.
    • LC: Complete detailed design of the boot.
      • Stands/Done.
    • KL: Prepare a revised costing spreadsheet for next meeting.
      • Stands. Agenda item.
    • KL: Initiate discussion of of visit to MedAustron to review SmartPhantom design.
  1. Baseline schedule and progress against schedule: KL/HTL
  1. Mechanical design/manufacture update: LC
    Prototype Update.
  1. Control system and SciWire readout update: AK
  1. Optical readout: JB
  1. Simulation/analysis update: HTL
    Preliminary Sr-90 Simulation.
  1. Spend status, discussion of outstanding requirement: KL/All
  1. Next steps: All
  1. DONM

  1. AoB

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