Design and Integration meeting: 01 August 2023 15:30 GMT



  • Actions from last meeting.
  • Simulations.
  • Preparation for the baseline update.
  • AOB


23-01-24-01 All to prepare document for the milestone to update the baseline In progress
23-07-25-01 Neil, Clive, Colin Determine the thickness needed for the radiation shutter. Open


Present: Neil Bliss, Clive Hill, Mark Johnson, Ajit Kurup, Ken Long, Jaroslaw Pasternak, Rehanah Razak, Colin Whyte
Apologies: Hywel Owen, Lilli Platt, Will Shields

  • Simulations
    • Slides from JP
      • Analytic field map with doublet FF focussing.
      • Able to obtain the initial working point.
      • Constant tune as a function of KE.
      • Betatron functions.
      • New parameter list.
      • New lattice allows for large variation of vertical tune.
  • CAD
    • Details shown by CH on the layout of stage 1.
      • JP: Distance between len 3 and 4 is critical. Distance between lens 2 and 3 can be adjusted.
    • Further work on the target chamber shown by CH.
    • NB: Progress on FETS FFA engineering details. These details are relevant for LhARA.
      • CH is looking at the vacuum chamber.
      • Need to have strengthening ribs and bellows.
      • This requirement has led to an increase in the magnet gap size.
  • NB: Costing
    • Looking at adding detail to the costing detail used in the PA2 proposal.
    • Discussion.
  • AOB
    • JP: question for CH. What is the size of the wall after lens 2 and is there a shutter?
      • Nominally 0.5m
      • Is the gap on the current diagram sufficient?
      • Need to do a radiation study.
      • The size of the wall is important for the injection line.
    • RR: Message from WS re submitting an abstract for the NPL workshop.
      • Consensus is if WS can submit one then that is good.

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