Gabor Lens meeting: 14SEPT2023; 16:00 BST

Present: CB(Chair), CW, KL, SE
Apologies: BB


1a. Introduction: Welcome back from Summer holidays.

1b. Previous Actions (6Jul2023) : Link

  • 1. APS abstract submitted.
  • 2. BB agreed to present.
  • 3. UKRI Cross council funding application.
  • 4. Reminder sent.

2a. Maintain Summer schedule (i.e. fortnightly) until teaching timetables are finalised. Find alternative timeslot.

2b. Collaboration meeting in Glasgow, 20th September 2023. Link

2c. 65th APS DPP 30 Oct - 3Nov (Denver, Colorado) Link

3a. Still no PDRA under ITRF, but iterative forward progress seems to be occurring. (See item 5).

3b. ITRF PA2 in progress, discussion included:

  • Visions Panel recommendations received, processed & submitted. See 12Sept23 Fortnightly meeting Link
  • WP3 programme & costs with PIs (& University administrators). PIs require LhARA cost template.
  • Role(s) for Strathclyde/Cockcroft/CLF/JAI.
  • TFS changes costings for technical support, will need to be evaluated.

4a. No update. See item 5.

5 & 6. Unaddressed, due to time. See actions.

7a. None.

DoNM: 28SEPT2023

Summary of actions:

  1. CW to provide Strathclyde costings.
  2. CB to provide PIs with costing template.
  3. All to review item 5 & 6 slides, & return any comments to CB/WB.


  1. Introduction, notes and actions: Chair/All
  1. Upcoming Meetings: CB
  1. Grant & resource updates: CB/PIs
  1. Research update: All
  1. Collaboration meeting contribution - PA1 12mo. review: CB/PIs
  1. Collaboration meeting contribution - PoP experiment: CB/PIs
  1. AOB: All

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