Library of theory and previous studies

Gabor Lens

Summary/Notes on previous studies of the Gabor lens

Plasma Instabilities

''Quasilinear theory of the diocotron instability for nonrelativistic non‐neutral electron flow in planar geometry'' (R.Davidson, 1985)
''Influence of profile shape on the diocotron instability in a non-neutral plasma column'' (R.Davidson, 1998)
''Diocotron Instability in Plasmas and Gas Discharges'' (W.Knauer, 1966)
''Diocotron Instability in a Cylindrical Geometry'' (R.H.Levy, 1965)

Work of other groups

''Measurements on a Gabor lens for neutralizing and focusing a 30 keV proton beam'' (J.A. Palkovic, 1988)
''Comparison of Gabor lens, gas focusing, and electrostatic quadrupole focusing for low-energy ion beams'' (M.Reiser, 1989)

''Investigation of Space Charge Compensated Transport by Use of a Gabor Plasma Lens'' (J.Pozimski, 1996)
''Space charge lenses for particle beams'' (J.Pozimski, 2005)
''Optical diagnostic on Gabor plasma lenses'' (K.Schulte, 2008)
''Space charge lens for focusing heavy ion beams'' (K.Schulte, 2010)
''Investigation of diagnostic techniques on a nonneutral plasma'' (K.Schulte, 2011)
''Studies on electron cloud dynamics for an optimized space charge lens design'' (K.Schulte, 2011)
''Electron cloud dynamics in Gabor space charge lens'' (K.Schulte, 2012)
''Experimental studies of stable confined electron clouds using Gabor lenses'' (O.Meusel, 2013)
''High-current beam transport simulations including Gabor lenses in varying non-neutral plasma states'' (M.Droba, 2013)
''Gabor lens performance studies at the GSI high current test injector'' (K.Schulte, 2013)
''Beam transport experiments using Gabor lenses'' (K.Schulte, 2014)
''Beam transport experiments using Gabor lenses'' (K.Schulte, 2014)
''Investigation of electron beam assisted density boosting in plasma traps using the example of a Gabor plasma lens'' (C.Beberweil, 2017)


''Propagation of Short Electron Pulses in a Plasma Channel'' (N.Barov, 1998)
''High energy density plasma science with an ultrarelativistic electron beam'' (C.Joshi, 2002)
''Ultrarelativistic-Positron-Beam Transport through Meter-Scale Plasmas'' (M.J.Hogan, 2003)
''Halo Formation and Emittance Growth of Positron Beams in Plasmas'' (P.Muggli, 2008)


  • Active plasma lenses

''Active Plasma Lensing for Relativistic Laser-Plasma-Accelerated Electron Beams'' (J.van Tilborg, 2015)
''Nonuniform discharge currents in active plasma le'' (J.van Tilborg, 2017)


  • Active plasma lenses

''Emittance Preservation in an Aberration-Free Active Plasma Lens'' (C.A.Lindstrom, 2018)
''Overview of the CLEAR plasma lens experiment'' (C.A.Lindstrom, 2018)

SPARC-Lab (Frascati, IT)

  • Active plasma lenses

''Experimental characterization of active plasma lensing for electron beams'' (R.Pompili, 2017)
''Overview of plasma lens experiments and recent results at SPARC_LAB'' (E.Chiadroni, 2018)
''Plasma lens-based beam extraction and removal system for plasma wakefield acceleration experiments'' (R.Pompili, 2019)

''Invited review article: The electrostatic plasma lens'' (A.Goncharov, 2013)

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