LhARA half day meeting 10th June 2021; 09:30 -- 12:30 (13:30) BST

Presentations at the LhARA half day meeting will review the status of the LhARA initiative and identify the key development goals that will be taken forward of the summer. Talks in the half day will be organised in 7 "sessions".

  1. 09:30--10:00: Introduction: aims and objectives: Conveners: K. Long, J. Parsons
  1. 10:00--10:50 Proton and ion source: Conveners: E. Boella, K. Long

Break to 11:15

  1. 11:15--12:00 Proton and ion capture: Conveners: C. Baker, C. Whyte
  1. 12:00--12:20 Ion-acoustic imaging: Conveners: B. Cox
  1. 12:20--13:00 Vertical beam line for biological research on the Birmingham cyclotron: Conveners: J. Parsons, T. Price
  1. 13:00--13:30 Facility design and integration: J. Pasternak, W. Shields
  1. 13:30 Close

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