LhARA pre-CDR: publication preparation page

Draft publication under review by Frontiers

First proof

First revision of publication

First review from Frontiers: reviewers comments and responses

Reviewer 1:

Response to reviewer 1.

Reviewer 2:

Response to reviewer 2.
Review-limitations and strengths.
Review-detailed review report.

Notes on reviewers 1 and 2 and assignment of tasks:

Review notes and actions.

Version history


  • 14Aug20: Draft 4.0: Revised draft publication following consideration of reviewers' comments
  • 21May20: Draft 3.1: second draft circulated for final comments
  • 01May20: Draft 2.0: first complete version circulated for comment
  • 02Apr20: Draft 0.0: first skeleton version

Technical note:

Journal information

Journal: Applied Nuclear Physics at Accelerators

Submission deadline: 30Apr20

Author guidelines:

  • Abstract length words (max): 350
  • Running title words (max): 5
  • Figures & tables combined (max): 15
  • Article words (max): 12,000
  • KL estimate pages (max): 25


  • LhARA pre-CDR released as CCAP Technical note: 09Apr20
  • All copy collected on Overleaf: 16Apr20
  • First full draft edited: 23Apr20
  • Submit to ANPA: 30Apr20

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