26/27Oct22 sessions of the review of the collaboration's "R&D proposal for the preliminary and pre-construction phases"


Baseline specification document

Annex to CCAP-TN-10 defining the scope of work, cost and schedule for the LhARA activities supported by the ITRF Preliminary Activity

The Laser-hybrid Accelerator for Radiobiological Applications; R&D proposal for the preliminary, pre-construction phases

Reviewers' questions and assignment to talks

Additional documents uploaded 26Oct22:

Conceptual layout of LhARA at the Ion Therapy Research Facility (ITRF)

ITRF schedule for completion of the Conceptual Design Report

ITRF detailed Gantt chart

26Oct22: 16:30 BST -- 18:30 BST Radiation biology programme

  1. RBE Variability with LET -- Jason Parsons (Liverpool)
  2. Hypoxia and Normal Tissue Effects -- Amato Giacca (OIRO, Oxford)
  3. Biology of Heavy Ions -- Kevin Prise (QUB)
  4. Spatiotemporal Fractionation with Protons -- Yolanda Prezado (Inst. Curie)

27Oct22: 16:30 BST -- 18:30 BST Accelerator programme

16.30–16.45 Project Management (WP1)

  1. Overview – Colin Whyte (Strathclyde), Neil Bliss (STFC TD Daresbury)

16.45–17.20 Laser-driven proton and ion source (WP2)

  1. Overview and management – Elisabetta Boella (Lancaster/CI)
  2. Risk management – Nicholas Dover (Imperial/JAI)
  3. Diagnostics, instrumentation and targetry – Ross Gray (Strathclyde/CI)

17.20–17.5 Proton and ion capture (WP3)

  1. Gabor lens – Christopher Baker (Swansea):

17.55–18.30 Transfer lines and post accelerator (WP6)

  1. Stage 1 and Stage 2 vision – Jaroslaw Pasternak (Imperial/JAI/ISIS)
  2. General facility infrastructure and integration (WP6) – Neil Bliss (STFC TD Daresbury)

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